Meet the SportBet Cryptocurrency Betting Platform
Are you a sports betting geek? Have you stacked plenty of cryptos and want to put them to good use? If a resounding “yes” keeps echoing in your head, the SportBet cryptocurrency betting platform is where you’re meant to be.

SportBet is an EOS blockchain-based platform that marries smart contracts with sports and eSports betting. Here, you don’t have to upload your photo ID or dance to a regulator’s tune. An EOS account is all it takes to place that wager with Bitcoin, EOS, Tether, or other cryptocurrencies.

We take the hassle (and strict fiat regulation) out of your deposits. No matter where you are, you can now enjoy EOS and Bitcoin crypto betting at its best. Are you dead set on taking the plunge?

How to dive into sports betting with cryptocurrency?
If you’re new to SportBet, it’s never too late to scroll up and sign in. We bet you won’t be hard-pressed to do this. Select your social media account or crypto wallet (Anchor, Scatter, Wombat, or TockenPocket), and you’re all set to go.

Once you’re there, take your time to look around. Before you get into sports betting with cryptocurrency, make sure your EOS balance is not empty. If you’re running low on the tokens, you can buy them with:

Credit and debit cards
Wire transfer
Peer-to-peer exchanges
Say bye to waiting until your deposit is put under the microscope, like when you place a wager on a traditional betting platform. With blockchain, you can top up your EOS account balance in a matter of minutes — once your transaction is confirmed in the network.

If you already have some coins on your account, let your EOS and Bitcoin sports betting begin. Here’s how SportBet works.

Choose a sport
Do you think the Reds will come out on top in the upcoming EPL fixture? Are you a basketball fan looking to bet on the next team to get their hands on the NBA championship trophy? Nothing stands between your intuition and your wagers. From soccer and basketball to MMA and eSports — your BTC betting experience has no boundaries on SportBet.

Decide on the bet type
SportBet welcomes all kinds of bettors. Whether you’re more of a parlay go-getter or a fan of singles, you’re in for a treat here. You won’t find a more extensive betting line on other BTC sportsbook sites. Win/lose/draw, handicaps, totals, correct scores… You name it — we cover it with the best odds.

Place your wager
High-rollers, rejoice! SportBet’s payout limits are so high that you can place huge bets. And not only that, but your potential winnings aren’t cut anywhere in between either. You will get them directly to your EOS account in a decentralized, transparent way.

SportBet is a peer-to-peer ecosystem that puts anonymous betting first. We are not just another “Big Brother” who is watching you. We’re here to keep this EOS and Bitcoin sports gambling blockchain network up and running while you have fun betting. Smart contracts are always in place to make sure your wagers win or lose fair and square.

How does blockchain sports betting stack up against centralized betting?
Admit it: you always find yourself thinking twice before depositing fiat money into a traditional sportsbook site. We’ve all been there, getting uptight about whether those amounts will finally end up in our pockets or get lost somewhere on the sportsbook’s bank accounts.

But blockchain sports betting is a very different beast. And here’s why:

It’s in the hands of the community. EOS blockchain technology makes SportBet a decentralized sports betting platform for crypto folks. That means there’s no governing body that keeps you within the boundaries of a specific jurisdiction. It’s created for bettors, by bettors.

You can stay under the radar. No one looks forward to the vicious circle of identity verification on sportsbook sites. Some of them may even want you to provide documentation in person to control your winnings and withdrawals. But it’s never the case with crypto betting on SportBet. It’s an anonymous KYC-free environment, meaning they don’t hold your info and can’t control the movements of your crypto.

No sky-high vig is cutting into your winnings. Why would you put up with the 10% juice and ridiculous odds when your payoffs can be higher? Because online sports betting cryptocurrency platforms take less money to run, the vig gets way lower. SportBet will bowl you over with it once you place your first wager. And if it wins, you won’t need to sit tight for days on end until your payoffs arrive.

Can’t wait to unleash your inner predictor? Trust your gut and join SportBet to make the most of decentralized EOS and Bitcoin sports betting. Your winnings are all yours.

May the odds be in your favor!

Become a top crypto bookmaker with SportBet
There’s more to SportBet than just betting on your favorite sports and eSports. You can now step into a crypto bookmaker’s shoes by becoming our affiliate partner.

SportBet’s affiliate program is for those looking to generate passive income. As our partner, you will drive players to the best Bitcoin sportsbook out there. For this, you will get up to 35% of what every bettor generates in our profits. It’s nothing but a win-win scenario.

We set out to cultivate the thriving crypto community. And together, we can make that happen while growing into the greatest version of a bookmaker for Bitcoin and EOS betting!